The official Youtaite page

About us

This site is heavily inspired by the utaitewiki, we noticed that a lot of good singers aren't on there due to the fact that they are not as popular. we wanted to make a site for talented but unnoticed youtaite. if any one of us becomes big enough to get on the utaite wiki , they will be removed from this site. but this site will always be available for talented singers. 

How to get on the site

It's really simple to get on the site, if any of the admins on this site ( or members with permission ) like your singing voice and can see a talent in you waiting to shine. this will mean that we will also keep in touch with one another, it's important to not only grow as a community but also to build friendships. this would make collaborations a lot easier and less awkward. and it would also make it feel less like a job. so having Skype would be a nice option. but you can contact any of the admins on this site by going to their channel and asking to check you out. if we don't think its good enough we will give constructive criticism and tips on how to make it better. this will hopefully improve you and you can get 3 chances to join. so don't ask too often. singing should be your passion. try out songs you think are fit for your voice. if you can't sing however , you could get on this site as a mixer or rapper. 

If you don't make it , don't make us stop you from loving what you do.

Tell other people about this site to shine some light on some of these amazing singers that give their all. we also have our very own twitter which can be found here :