The creator of this website

The creator of this site is none other than Yukuno  

Yukuno is a 18 year old who started doing youtube in 2009. he hadn't seen anything related to anime or manga except for pokemon and beyblade. he started on youtube as Dorustim ( his dad made the account for him ) and he quickly got his first online friend via youtube by doing what they both loved doing. making machinima of super mario 64. Yukuno did this till 2012 due to the fact that it was beginning to die out. ( there are still many popular channels making super mario 64 machinima ) he lost all contact with his friends who made those kinds of videos since they all had a future to work on, some turned into policemen and some got really busy with school and due to MSN being gone he lost all contact. he then needed something else to devote his "talent" on. and that was making gameplay videos which turned into Let's plays. he wasn't very good at them and sounded pretty boring in his oppinion. he got some new friends in this community who he collaborated with. this didn't take too long before he knew this wasn't what he wanted to do , because lets plays didn't require much editing and the lets plays got him away from watching anime , but then he watched a lot of JonTron and got really into reviewing, this lasted not that long though since he soon got a copyright strike. ( He started watching anime around 2012 btw ) around december 2014 he saw a video called "blessings (world edition) and he was in love with it he saw that the world connnected with another by a song. and he then watched a video called Connecting  which was also about the connection between people online ( it was actually about connecting trough a song but he made his own kind of understanding of it) so he never sang before but decided to go with the flow anyway. and showed a bit of his cover on the song Yuragi. it got a lot of feedback , something he hadn't had ever since he stopped making super mario 64 machinima. he felt like he was being watched again and not in a creepy way ofcourse. he is very thankful. and wanted to make a site for smaller channels to get featured on a site thats kind of a lot like the utaite wiki and youtaite wiki. but those channels require bigger channels. so he made this site. and asked around people he thought had a gift.

Yukuno is also on Akinator! can you find him?