What is a Youtaite?

A Youtaite, according to the Utaite Wiki, are Youtube Singers.

YouTube singers are people who posted cover songs using their own 

voices in YouTube. Since YouTube is an English 

video-sharing website, the nationality of You Tube Singers vary from around the 

world. They are commonly called "Youtaite". a portmanteau of YouTube and utaite.

Songs which are covered by Youtaite vary as well. Vocaloid original 

songs are one of the most famous to be covered, since most of them have their 

instrumental versions freely shared by the producers for the purpose of covering 

the song. The other song types are English-language hit songs and English or 

other language version of Vocaloid original songs with fan lyrics.

Youtaite also posted a type of songs called "Duet Ready", which is a 

specific part of a duet or group song being sung alone by the respective singer. 

Usually, the singer will sing the whole part by a specific original singer of 

the song, with the purpose of having the cover song available for mixing for 

duet or group singing. The permission of using the "Duet Ready" songs varies 

between singers.

Like Nico Nico Douga, Youtaite also organize a type of chorus commonly 

known as YouTube chorus ( just like we do Youtaite Battle ) . There are many mechanisms of creating a chorus, but 

overall it will involve agreement from the singers. This is different than Nico 

Nico chorus, where choruses are usually made without further agreement or 

knowledge from the singers, and only needs mixing skills.

How Can i get featured?

you can ask Annie , Yukuno , Horiphin or Glace to join us. we will look at the quality of your videos , your voice and overall performance. if we think you are good enough to join we will give you a sign that you are ready to join. this will mean you will have to give us the amount of information you want to give to the public. gender can be anything you want people to know , you could even trick people. or just make it unknown. tell a bit about yourself. what languages do you speak and from what country are you. etc...  

What happens if i don't make it?

We will give you constructive criticism and give you tips on how to improve your videos or voice-use. we will also give you 2 other chances to join us , but don't ask us too quickly since we want to give you time to practice and become better. after that you can ask us again , but at the third chance that you are given we will have to let to you know you can no longer join us. but we won't stop you from doing what you love to do , if you love singing and you enjoy it , don't stop!